LBC Committee

The LBC committee consists of clinical stakeholders of each LBC subtype biobank. The LBC committee reviews and approves research proposals / material requests and advises researchers on feasibility and of research projects.

  • Lung cancer: Idris Bahce (location VUMC)
  • Colorectal cancer: Jurriaan Tuynman (location VUMC)
  • Neuro oncology: Myra van Linde (location VUMC)
  • Head and Neck oncology: Jens Voortman (location VUMC)
  • Hepatopancreaticobilliary cancer: Babs Zonderhuis (location VUMC)
  • Liver cancer: Bart Takkenberg (location AMC)
  • Pancreatic cancer: Maarten Bijlsma (location AMC)