Sample Retrieval


How can I retrieve bio specimens for research?

  • All researchers or research groups can request samples from the Liquid Biopsy Center.
  • All applications must be approved by the LBC Scientific Committee. To apply, please fill in the LBC sample release form and the Biobank Ethical Committee release form and send it to
  • If the request comes from non-Amsterdam UMC researchers, a research collaboration must be established. The Principal Investigator responsible for the collection of the requested material will be notified by the LBC. The LBC will coordinate the establishment of the collaboration.
  • If the application is approved by the LBC Scientific Committee, the LBC will forward the application to the Biobank Ethical Committee for further approval.
  • Access to rare and potentially limited samples will be carefully coordinated and controlled.
  • The LBC ensures that anonymity and confidentiality of data and samples from donors during all operations.
  • All publications based on samples provided by LBC will be required to make explicit reference to that fact.



Please feel free to contact for more information about our collections.