Sample Retrieval

How can I retrieve bio specimens for research?

To optimize the sample retrieval from the biobank for specific research questions, the researcher can submit a research proposal to the LBC research committee. The LBC research committee will review the submitted research proposals. The LBC research committee consists of stakeholders i.e. clinicians, researchers with expertise in the domain and the initiators of the LBC-subtype biobanks.

To submit a research proposal, please fill in the LBC sample release form and the Biobank Ethical Committee release form and send it to For further questions please send an email or use the form on the ‘Contact’ page.

Please find an overview of available material in below table.

  patients plasma vials


serum vials




buffy coat vials


Lung cancer
(since Oct2017)
226 7.945 0 0 0
Colorectal cancer
(since Feb2018)
80 2.328 0 0 0
HPB cancer
(since Feb2018)
5 120 4 0 0
Liver cancer (

since Nov2017)

125 2.323 559 139 141
Totals 436 12.716 563 139 141
Grand total vials / tubes 13.559