Organizational Structure

Copy of Structure LBCThe LBC is a biobank initiative to facilitate (biomarker) cancer research. In collaboration with and spearheaded by urgent clinical needs, collaborating departments and clinical stakeholders have initiated biobanks for various types of cancer.

These subtype biobanks collect, process and store samples according to standardized protocols and together will form the LBC-biobank. We also collect samples from healthy donors through events and spouse programmes to offer a solid, age-matched dataset for case controlled studies.

Currently, the LBC has succesfully initiated several biobanks all established in the VUMC and AMC. Four other cancer type biobanks are in the process of being initiated. We also collect samples in collaboration with large scale (inter)national clinical trials.

Standardized clinical- and sample data collection

The LBC aims to standardize clinical- and sample data collection.  To develop efficient standard clinical data collection protocols, the LBC collaborates with the Business Intelligence (BI) department of the Amsterdam UMC.

BI created a Research Data Platform (RDP), a data warehouse, to combine and cluster and coded data from our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) systems. The RDP can link this extracted data to our LBC Castor database. Castor is a cloud-based Electronic Data Capture system for clinical research.

VUMC and AMC Biobank core facility

In close collaboration with the VUmc and AMC Biobank core facility, provides support and finances the standardized processing and storage of blood/urine samples from cancer patients before, during and after treatment. Once these samples are collected, researchers with a solid research proposal can request for bio specimens that have been collected by the LBC. Please see the ‘Sample Retrieval’ page for more information on how to retrieve samples.

Currently samples are collected via various departments at the VUMC and AMC. The LBC aims to collect and store samples from patients that are treated at peripheral hospitals and participate in investigator- and Pharma driven clinical trials. Please see our ‘Join the LBC’ page to find out how to initiate an LBC biobank.

The VUmc Biobank core facility