Join the LBC

Why join the LBC?

Biobanking is indispensible and inevitable in translational cancer research. There is an urgent need for high quality, uniform and well-annotated sample- and datasets. The effort of biobanking can however be time consuming and costly.

The LBC aims to facilitate efficient and standardized biobanking. If a research  group initiates an LBC biobank, the LBC assigns an initiation budget for costs involved with material sampling, sample transport, processing and the storage of the samples at the Biobank facilities of the Amsterdam UMC.

In addition, the LBC will support researchers and clinicians in Ethical Committee submissions and will offer standard Informed Consent Forms (ICF) templates and eCRFs templates for clinical data collection.

Moreover, the LBC houses experts in the fields of tumor-educated platelets, exosomes, miRNAs and circulating tumor DNA, and can offer advise in design of biomarker studies.

How can I initiate an LBC biobank?

Every clinical research department or multidisciplinary tumor group can propose a LBC Biobank collection, containing patient samples for future cancer research. Clinicians and researchers together with the LBC team decide which patients will be included and what material will be collected.

If you are interested in starting an LBC biobank, please contact the LBC via or via the contact page.

The LBC coordinator will contact you and arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities.